atom: first configuration and install

Recommended packages.

You can’t miss this packages in your atom ide configuration:

  • Emmet: to improve HTML and CSS work flow. | more info.
  • Sublime Style Column Selection: you can use the feature for vertical selection with alt – click – drag inside atom like in sublime text.
  • atom ternjs: this plugin give to you intellisense for JavaScrip. This need activatio in the properties plugin forn working.
  • file-icons: the icons for the left sidebar, I love this (really cool).
  • atom-preview-html: you can have a little browser simply pressing CTRL + SHIFT + M | package-info.
  • open-in-browser: open html in your browser | package-info.
  • minimap: a preview of the full source code sublime style | package-info.
  • pigments: a package to display colors in project and files | package-info.

Some Keyboard shortcuts

CMD – \ show/hide three
CMD – D select same items inside the document
CTRL – W text wrap html
CMD – L select line
CRTL – M parent parenthesis check
CRTL – CMD – M select code inside parenthesis