TP-Link AC1200 up and running on ubuntu 18.xx

Finally I got from Amazon this fast wifi dongle that’s working also with Ubuntu 18.04. The TP-link AC1200(T4UH) doesn’t come up with plug and play functionality but the driver is very easy to install on Ubuntu and Debian distributions.

The dongle is based on the RealteK RTL8812AU chipset, and luckly this driver it’s already present on the official repository. All you need to do it’s launch this command from you terminal to install it:

sudo apt install rtl8812au-dkms

plug in your device and it should be ready to connect to the WIFI!

How to set a partylist with javascript

Party List :

  • Party List is a data type in CRM, using which you can set more than one records of an entity for a single field.
  • Party List type field, renders as Lookup on the form, but it works as multi select lookup.
  • We can’t create a custom party list fields.

Function to set  Call To in a Phone Call Activity (tested on CRM 2015 Update 1 Online):

function setCallTo() {
    var callTo = getAttr("to"); //Party list to set

    var callToArry = new Array(); 
    callToArry[0] = new Object(); 

    callToArry[0].id = getLkpId("new_calltocontact");
    callToArry[0].name = getLkpName("new_calltocontact");
    callToArry[0].entityType = "contact";

function getAttr(attributeId) {
    return Xrm.Page.getAttribute(attributeId);
function getVal(attributeId) {
    try {
        return Xrm.Page.getAttribute(attributeId).getValue();
    catch (e) {
        alert("getVal: Error for attribute " + attributeId);
function getLkpName(attributeId) {
    return getVal(attributeId)[0].name;
function getLkpId(attributeId) {
    return getVal(attributeId)[0].id;